Get your value proposition performing

Learn how to identify and deliver on your customers’ needs.

Book a 1-hour customer research coaching session for €150. Exclusively for climate and social impact founders.

How qualitative customer research can help you

Getting to the why of your challenges

You may have ran many experiments or gone deep into analytics, but this can only tell you what isn’t working.

Qualitative customer research can help you to identify why your service isn’t performing as well as you hoped and identify the best ways to fix it.

Make better bets

Qualitative customer research can help you identify your customer’s unmet needs, discover the most promising value propositions, business opportunities and experiments to run, much more cost-effectively than trial and error.

The Coaching Offer

Who it’s for

Climate / social impact startup founders or potential founders looking to:

  • Find product-market fit
  • Grow your customer-base sustainably
  • Test a new business idea and expand your offering

Key benefits

I will give you the tools to help you:

  • Better define your problem and ideal customer profile
  • Identify the most promising solutions
  • Increase your sign up and activation rates
  • Increase your customer/user retention
  • Reduce your customer acquisition costs (CAC)

Questions you might come with

  • How do I find out why my product isn’t performing?
  • How can I understand and reach new audiences?
  • What’s the leanest, most effective way to test a new business offering?
  • Where am I going wrong with customer research?
  • How do I run an effective customer interview?

What’s included

  • A reflection survey to clarify your needs before we meet
  • One 60-minute focused session where you’ll get coaching and practical advice on your challenges and what you can do to reach your goals
  • A follow-up email with notes and a recording of the session, relevant tools and resources, and recommended actions and next steps

Ready to have the impact you envisioned?

What others who’ve worked with me have to say

We had the pleasure of working with Joshua for the second prototype of our clothes repair and alteration booking service for MENDED. He gave us the means to test and iterate, and took the lead in setting up the first user testings which proved to be incredibly useful.
Profile picture of Agnes Weber - light skinned, dark haired woman, wearing a black strapped top, smiling, pictured on a grey background.
Agnes Weber
Founder of MENDED
Joshua has helped me on numerous occasions as a research sparring partner. Being part of a very small team, I often miss this kind of interaction, and he fills that gap with his versatile experience as a researcher, designer, project manager, and all-around critical thinker.
Profile picture of Nairi Nasrallah - light skinned, light haired woman, wearing a black sweater, smiling, on a yellow background.
Nairi Nasrallah
UX Researcher at EGYM
After we launched our website, Joshua ran several interviews that helped us understand how people interact with our content. He gave us suggestions on how to make our website more user-friendly and resonate with our audience. We ended up doing more than 20 interviews ourselves, using the methodology that he taught us.
Profile picture of Zuzanna Zielińska - light skinned, light haired woman, wearing a multi-coloured patterned shirt, smiling, and situated in a large greenhouse.
Zuzanna Zielińska
Founder of HarvestCare
Portrait of Joshua Stehr, a man with long dark hair, a light beard and mustache, big blue/grey eyes, and wearing a white t-shirt.

About me

In over 10 years leading design and research for purpose-driven startups such as Mended, Bunch & CountOn, I've built many products from 0-1.

I've felt firsthand the whirlwind of finding product-market fit and the lows of not quite reaching it. I know the vulnerability and courage it takes as a founder to put your vision out there in the world and hope that it succeeds. I want to increase your chances.

I am here to help you navigate the ambiguity and uncertainty of these early stages with clarity and confidence. I am here to help you get your idea off the ground. I am here to help you have the climate and social impact you want see in the world.

Let's get your value proposition performing