Someone on a sofa holding a mobile device in their right hand. On the mobile is the Bunch AI leadership coach app. It shows a preview of your daily leadership tip: "Finding Courage When Things Seem Lost" as well as other tips you might like.

I led the design process from the initial discovery research and concierge MVP on Whatsapp to the launch and continued development of the iOS app. I helped scale the content to over 250 leadership tips.

The Problem

The day to day work-life of a first-time manager is one of insecurity, imposter syndrome and pressure.

Imagine you’re expected to lead a team, but you have little experience or training. The advice is out there but it’s buried in books and blogs that you don’t have time to read. You don’t have many peers you can ask for help and a personal coach is too expensive.

So your only way to learn is by failing.

The Solution

The “AI Leadership Coach” is an app that gives you practical tips and frameworks to face workplace challenges with confidence. It distills the best advice from leaders into a 2-min format that you can easily fit into your routine. It continuously learns from your style and the topics you’re interested in, to curate the most relevant content for you.


As of September 2021

➡️ 35,000+ downloads

➡️ 4.9★ App Store Rating

➡️ Over 1 million minutes of learning

➡️ 250+ leadership tips

➡️ 85% 👍 for content

➡️ 1500+ members for the “Teams at Work” Slack community