Web browser showing AI Hiring Assistant. Shows a LinkedIn profile of Brian Chesky (CEO of Airbnb) and the chrome extension overlay, showing his psychological archetype, strengths and potential weaknesses.

I led the discovery and design process to deeply understand the needs and pain points for recruiters and hiring managers in finding candidates with the right mindset. I facilitated a paid trial with 20 customers.

The Problem

One of the major pain points in hiring is evaluating and filtering candidates. It’s a major time suck and when you’re a small company you don’t have the resources to spend hours through resumes. Hiring managers and recruiters also know that mindset is as or even more important than hard skills and are looking to hire people that add to their culture, but this

The Solution

An AI-powered Chrome Extension that provides instant behavioral insights for potential hires on LinkedIn. When you're screening candidates just open up the Bunch extension and get predicted insights about their strengths, potential weaknesses, what kinds of teams they perform best in, and more!

During the trial, hiring managers and recruiters were able to set criteria for the type of people they're looking at for each role, and Bunch would come back to them a week later with 20 candidates that were the best fit on hard skills and mindset - saving a lot of time and pain out of sourcing.

In the free version, other helpful use cases emerged too:

Sales Prospecting: understand a target’s mindset and motivations to help craft the perfect pitch.
For Teambuilding: better understand your teammates’ strengths and motivations and create a benchmark for future teammates.


Initial product market fit
5000+ downloads
20 paid customers