Laptop showing dashboard with team culture metrics

I lead the UX design and user research. I worked alongside our data scientist, data engineer and psychologist to develop the data visualisation system to communicate insights accurately and accessible to users.

The Problem

As more and more teams become distributed and collaborate using remote across timezones, the culture becomes increasingly hard to get a sense of. Business leaders know that a strong culture is important for building sustainable and high-performing business, but the main tools available to them are employee surveys. While these give you some good qualitative insights, they are inherently biased (limited to what your team decides to tell you), and only give you a snapshot of what's happening every few months - ask any more and your team will start to feel bombarded.

So how do you know what's happening in real time?

The Solution

The best indicator for culture comes from how a team communicates. Increasingly that communication is happening through remote tools. The Bunch culture analytics platform analyses the language used in public channels on Slack and Microsoft Teams to map words and phrases to cultural characteristics like morale, psychological safety, customer focus, collaboration, goal-orientation and growth mindset.


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