A 3D mockup of two digital interfaces showing elements of the Impacc service on a brown/yellow background. On the first screen, it shows a dashboard that features the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) you're working on, your venture portfolio with 3 ventures you're donating to, some statistics of your impact so far, as well as social media updates from your ventures. On the second screen, is an example from the portfolio builder flow which asks you to select the SDGs you're focused on, and it will show ventures that are relevant to you.

I redesigned 3 core features of the platform to help more corporate donors increase their regenerative impact. I also built out the design system to support the transition to development.


Impacc is a non-profit that believes that jobs are the best way out of poverty. They help build green start-ups in Africa - empowering them as producers, artisans, business leaders, retailers etc.

Impacc’s new approach to development aid involves:

  1. Scouting promising local ventures with a focus on sustainable businesses that create local & long-term jobs
  2. Investing in ventures with the help of corporate donors to provide the financial aid to scale the business
  3. Mentorship and support


I was brought in to help with part 2; redesigning core elements of the web platform that connects corporate donors to the right sustainable ventures and showcases the impact they’re creating together. The experience needed to support 3 core goals for donors:

  1. Connect with sustainable ventures that align with their business and they can support effectively.
  2. Understand the impact they are having with their donations for ESG/CSR reporting
  3. See the progress of individual ventures and create compelling stories to share publicly and to engage employees.


Venture Selection Tool

An interactive tool that helps corporate donors build a portfolio of ventures based on the Sustainable Development Goals they want to support and their company profile. This helps facilitate a conversation between Impacc and the donor to match them with ventures that are the right fit.

Platform homepage & Venture pages

A redesigned dashboard and individual venture pages that showcase the impact that corporates are having with their donations and see the inspiring stories of the ventures they're supporting to share with employees and customers.

Prototyping & Design system

I also prototyped the full journey to test the new ideas with donors. I also prepared a visual design system to support the development process.


Still in Development