The installation - a writing desk with different postcard designs laid out for you to write to yourself from the future, inspiring question prompts and strings to hang up the postcards when you've written them.

I designed and set up the installation as part of the Ecotopia exhibition in St. Thomas Kirche in Berlin for 2 months, inspiring over 70 visitors to imagine more sustainable futures.

The sun kissed St. Thomas Kirche emerging from the trees - the space where the exhibition was held.

St. Thomas Kirche, Berlin where the exhibition was held - photo credits: Wolf

Background of the project

The piece started out as an essay Postcards from 2040 where I envisioned a world where we’ve reversed the major effects of human-induced climate change. The intent of the installation was facilitate others to do the same and imagine more hopeful futures too.

It was exhibited as part of 'Ecotopia', a collective, interactive show by artists, activists and individuals offering different perspectives on future world in an ever changing climate. The exhibition featured many pieces including a scent installation that recreates the smells of different epochs and the future ecotopia, a paper art concept of a future living home, earth dieties paper sculptures, as well as workshops on Donut Economics, performances, and sharing sessions to deal with climate grief.

Thanks to Lacy Barry - artist and curator of the show - for including me in the exhibition and Lino Zeddies - Co-Founder of Reinventing Society - Zentrum für Realutopien - for allowing me to use the artwork originally commissioned for the Utopia 2048 project.

Postcard designs with solarpunk artistic renderings of different places from left to right, top to bottom: Berlin, Utopia City 2080, Munich, Countrylife (rural area), Cologne, Berlin 2, Frankfurt, Earth College.

Artwork originally commissioned for Utopia 2048 project by various artists - see the original artwork here


Over 70 people wrote a postcard from the future, inspiring them to think about a more hopeful vision of the world.