There are desktop and mobile devices that show a new online booking process for repairing, altering or upgrading your clothes. It shows an image of some jeans where you can select different kinds of fixes or alterations by clicking on different parts of the jeans such as a rip in the crotch (as shown on the mobile device). You can add as many to your order as you like.

I designed and prototyped a new booking experience with the goal to make repairing or upgrading clothes as convenient and enjoyable as buying new.

The Problem

The experiences designed to buy new clothes are enjoyable and convenient. Yet even the most progressive and environmentally conscious companies in fashion leave the process of repairing and altering your clothes mostly neglected. Sending your clothes back to get fixed usually involves a dry and cumbersome online form. Furthermore, if you go to a local tailor, it’s hard to know if you can trust them.

The Solution

Mended set out to challenge this status quo: why can’t repairing and altering your clothes be as trustworthy, playful, and easy as buying new? Through their new tailor service, you simply describe the item(s) of clothing you want repaired or altered with a fun and intuitive booking process, and get connected with a local tailor that’s been vetted, who will fix your clothes - via an easy drop off and home delivery.


New and improved service launched in December 2023!