Many sample slides on a light brown background from a report on future economic scenarios. The slides show trends like the link of capitalism to climate change, and a rise in anti-capitalist sentiment, new economic models like doughnut economics, and four different pathways like "green capitalism" to "eco-socialism".

Alongside an economist, we investigated new economic paradigms in a post-capitalist world, and mapped out 4 new pathways. This would serve as a thought starter for how organizations can start building the most desirable economic system.

The Context

There are several signals that a transition to a new or reformed economic paradigm is becoming more likely: Capitalism being increasingly blamed for climate change, there’s a rise in anti-capitalist sentiment, especially among younger generations, national politics becoming more polarized, and major cracks in the neoliberal capitalist world order are starting to appear.

Our client - a major food company - wanted an overview of the trends that point to a post-capitalist system, the different economic paradigms that could come next, and initial thought starters for how they could contribute to and adapt to this future.


A report that summarises:

  1. The major trends that point to the end of the current economic model
  2. Current responses to these trends
  3. Four post-capitalist pathways: “Green” capitalism, Reformed capitalism, Eco-socialism & Collapse
  4. Which pathways are most probable, and which are most desirable for people and planet?
  5. What does this mean for organisations and how can we guide towards the more desirable paths as well as prepare for other potential pathways?

Information was shared with C-Level and other internal groups.

If you're interested in digging into economic paradigms that better serve the wellbeing of people and planet, and how you can change your organisation to align with this new way of thinking - please reach out.