3 sample slides from a report
Slide 1: Companies of the future will need to be antifragile. The slide shows a quote from Nassim Talib who coined the term, examples of antifragile companies like Disney, Haier and Toyota, and an image of an Octopus Metaphor to explain the concept of antifragile - sensing, decentralized, adaptable, future-focused. Slide 2: Companies should adopt post-capitalist practices such as real-cost pricing, universal basic income, job guarantees etc.
Slide 3: Concentric circles showing that companies should consider scope 4, 5 & 6 i.e. their impact on their overall industry, government, and broader society.

Alongside another strategist, we investigated a wide array of forecasts for the world in 2040. Through systems thinking and sensemaking, we synthesized a set of themes that our client and other progressive food businesses can use to inform their strategy.


The world is rapidly changing. From technological disruptions and climate change to economic shifts and societal change - life is increasingly unpredictable. A global food brand wanted a broad forecast about the future of businesses in 2040 and how they can prepare to become a leading business in that era.


A report that explores a broad range of social, economic, political, technological, and environmental trends and predictions, their interconnections, and their short and long-term implications for food and agriculture businesses. As well as thought-starters, ideas, and actions that companies can take to prepare for and adapt to this potential future, and to shape it towards a more preferable future for people and the planet.

Key themes:

  1. Companies of the future: adaptive, antifragile, and regenerative
  2. Emerging trends in the food sector: customer needs, marketing strategies, supply chains
  3. How businesses can influence government and society: scope 4, 5 & 6, post-capitalist practices, activism, glocalization
  4. Three key strategies for food businesses to thrive in a volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous (VUCA) world

If you're interested in the implications of these trends on your business, need support in taking action on them, shift your organisation towards an adaptable, antifragile, and regenerative culture - let’s chat!